14 September 2007

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

So every day, I walk down the street with 4 little black dogs. I KNOW what some of the neighbors think, because they tell me. But some of other neighbors? It's their reaction. Let's take a little make believe stroll down my street.

1. Let's not even go to the land of my next door neighbor. Many blog posts related to bad things here. But now she is doing great and getting her house back.

2. The Evil Postman and his evil wife. They will not make eye contact with me or my next door neighbor. They once said hi to Gary. We have lived here for 10 years. Evil looks like a tall, gray haired robot and they just had their house painted craZy easter colors to match their weirdest purchase-a yellow mini. I say hi to them all the time. They look away. I've heard him talking at the post office, and he actually talks like an evil robot too. So chances are, he is just a robot and is not programmed to talk to neighbor ladies. I just say hi now to make them crazy, so maybe one day the robot head will start smoking and overload?

3. Nice couple that the wife works with Gary sometimes. I think they feel bad for him, all the dogs. They are nice though and very sporty people. So we are just different kinds of sporty. I get their sporty. Lots of equipment and camping and bikes! They sort of feel bad for my sporty I think and say wow a lot when they see all the dogs.

4. We have too many bichon frises and a lot of peace stickers everywhere and weird little buddha and indian statues in our front yard weeds! The bichons are out! Look out for the bichons! Can someone catch that bichon??? Windchimes!

5. The taco bell house (it looks like a cinder block taco bell) where the cryogenics guy lived and died (I heard they only got his head to the cryogenic place in Scottsdale when he died a couple years back). His name was an Egyptian phrase. He also would not make eye contact with me and left weird things for free in his driveway like old jars of spices from Safeway. His girlfriend inherited the house and painted it and it looks less like a taco bell. She had a giant manequin/doll dressed up in festive mexican-wear sitting in a lawn chair on her front dirt for a while.

6. They recycle and have a prius and solar panels and hang plastic bags out to dry after they have been thoroughly rinsed and bike to work. Their dog barks at us all the time. They are nurses. They are very nice and always tell me if there is free furniture and pianos around the neighborhood. Although they are older than me and still bring home free couches and stuff from the street.

7. Their toddler seems to escape sometimes and loves dogs.

8. The lady here couldn't sell her house and had already bought another house and is overfinanced to the hilt and this house is now rented to students with attractive sheets and blankets for curtains. The student's dog attacks the screen door and apparently wants to eat all of my dogs. It's name is ROXY ROXY ROXY SHUT UP!

9. The corner house! For a while, it was sold to someone that had a guy living in an RV out front and kept the house rented to German tourists as a beach house. It always seemed like the people in there on weekends were German or maybe Austrian? I even found it's website once, it was expensive and they called it a beach house. I guess Germans were the only ones that wanted it. If you've been to my street, we're not exactly a beach street. It takes about 10 minutes to walk there, 20 if you are walking with Timmy. Then the RV got towed, and really fancy cars with Grateful dead stickers live there but I never see the people. They have a gardener. For a while there was a stripped volvo out front with all the doors wide open for like 2 weeks. It has been for sale a lot and then never gets sold. This week it had a giant pile of clothes on the sidewalk in front.

10. The tae kwon do studio! If you want to see people kicking ass and awesome half man manequins, go to the tae kwon do studio!

11. My friend's house. They have a dirt boarding mound in the front and chickens in the back! Help for walking dogs can be found here.

**skipping a couple houses here...so numbering is off now if you ever wanted to do a guided tour.

12. Crazy guy's house that is filled with trash. No one can live here. The neighbor that lives in house 13. seems ok with this. It is a quiet neighbor. But maybe a fire hazard? Toasters hang from the tree. The house looks like it could rot apart at the seams and then an avalanche of garbage would spill into the streets.

13. And into her house. She has a smaller house than me and 3 australian shepherds.

I am skipping houses again. How much time do you think I have to write this stuff? Anyone still with me?

14. The surf dudes. Some of the houses I skipped have surf dudes. The ones near the corner are the best ones though. Their house is mad! Spray paint makes nice decorations! Jet skis with spray paint are useful for giant wave tow-ins! When they are all congregated, they fill the street and the mad stickers and duuudddess. Where do you keep the surfboards? Keep them everywhere! Where do you keep all your crap? Keep it everywhere! Where do you keep your trucks? Keep them everywhere? And bikes and jetskis and skateboards and your pitbulls! Everywhere! Dude!

15. Mom and dad do not speak english or train their own small black dogs. Who enjoy running across the street, into the dangerous territory of many surf dudes and their trucks, to attack my small black dogs. But I have more and they can kick this small black dog ass, anytime. The many, many teenagers that live or hang out here think this is super funny and they have lowrider cars! Also the dad has brought us mushrooms before, he works at a mushroom place.

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