10 September 2007

Barack Obama=Lindsey Lohan in agility class.

The radio was talking about Oprah's support for Barack Obama when I woke up this morning. She raised 3 million in campaign dollars for him by having Stevie Wonder play at a big movie star and rich folk bash at her Montecito dog ranch over the weekend, and then said something how the biggest support she can give him is just by supporting him. Which is true. If Oprah says it is so, she makes it so. So maybe he will be the next president. Although she did not support GW the second time around and we still got stuck with him.

So the first thing I thought, beyond thinking, I should be the one living at Oprahs's Montecito dog ranch, was if Oprah started doing dog agility, or even if her best friend Gayle started doing dog agility, how the sport would take off in leaps and bounds! Oprah has a bunch of dogs. Once she had Cesar Milan on her show to show how to socialize her apparently evil cocker spaniel and she has bazillions of dog portraits of all around the dog ranch. And I think she also has a herd of golden retrievers out there too. And some other cocker spaniels and whatever else. She switched from Cesar Milan to a glam Hollywood clicker trainer after a time to teach the dog to be socialized again, maybe to stop barking, I can't remember. I think she has dog nannies, which would be a pretty good job. Sort of a personal assistant to her dogs. Although she must have had kind of crappy ones if they never trained the dog.

I am pretty sure Oprah would not be that good at dog agility. She doesn't seem all that athletic, or focused. She would need Jim as her full time personal trainer of dog agility and also to actually train the dog for her. And she would sort of show up and run it. Actually she would be more of a Susan Garrett disciple I think. She's kind of more high end. And evil guru-like.

The only celebrity doing dog agility currently is Greg Louganis, and he is not even that celebrity. I barely saw him over the weekend, I think maybe he just did team and was out of there with the rest of the Garrett camp by Monday. I tried to interest Paris HIlton, but I haven't even seen her in her team small dog shirt ever, so maybe her personal assistant swiped it. All those gals there all have small dogs. I actually think Paris would be more suited for agility. Oprah would just bring more clout to the sport, but she is already in her 50's and we have enough ladies in their 50's.

The whole Lindsey Lohan rehab group, I am not even sure who that all includes but Brittney Spears and the young ones who pop in and out of rehab like crazy, they could bring a liveliness to the sport, a sportier outfit, big fun and paparazzi at the trials and a bunch more small dogs in the 12" division. A great diversion from coke addiction and all night dance parties! Way more jr handlers! Trials on the beach in Malibu! Win a sports car with the Steeplechase check! Jumps sponsored by Rolex and Coach bags. Professional trial management and high nominating fees. OK, now it's starting to sound like horses. Maybe not so good. Maybe they could just try it and see if they like it. And then quit.

A nice sculpture by Daniel Edwards. He knows the value in celebrity coattail riding!

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