16 September 2007

We love L.A.

It is not cold in Los Angeles. Autumn is palatable here, none of that crisp air and weird sunlight and best weather of the year crap. The dogs stay exhausted, the yard is large and full of tennis balls and the sun is always out. One 2 1/2 year old can keep 5 dogs tired for days. All the dogs. How many houseguests come armed with 4 dogs? Some of them blind, some of them puppies, and some that turn hivey?

If I could upload photos, you could see what Otterpop looks like after having her head stung by a bee or some other hivey allergenic thing. Her head puffed up with giant protrusions like fluffy pompoms and neck goiters. Her snout was all collagen plumped like and her neck fat even fatter and poofier. She was miserable. I don't know what happened. I gave her some cake soaked in Benadryl for Toddlers and hope that it goes away someday. Otterpop one miserable bodyguard of the dogs now. Must kick some ass even harder and meaner than usual.

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