20 September 2007

Do not think of it in terms of zombie puss.

The captain has not been writing about real estate much.

For several reasons.

1. We cannot afford to buy much real estate. Really not now. We are jumbo loan people! Very freaked out now.

2. As the prices fall on real estate that perhaps we would want to buy, so softly does flutter down the price of our house. Even with it's swanky new improved bathroom with a deer head in it. I am not sure how much it is worth today since it has no roof, it has attractive blue tarps instead and no roof guy in sight! There are lots and lots of houses in our neighborhood that are for sale and have been for sale for a long, long time.

3. There is very little in our price range that goes on the market and has any acreage. We are in the crap range in terms of buying property. Steep mountain hillside with unimbomber shack price range. Far, far, away from Gary's work range for even unibomber shacks.

Gary went to look at a modest open house that was exactly across the street from the dream ranch (see like every post during July 2006 for this sad tale). It was 1.4 million for 2 acres. Maybe even less than 2 acres. With an ugly house. I am not sure why he went.

The listing agent there with the cookies and Pellegrino waters said the guy up the road was selling a piece of property. 4 acres and a really crappy house and some weird shacks. Wanted to sell it off the market. Being the fabulous stalker that I am, picture wild goose chase, started on that and goes nowhere. Not that we even have any idea how much he would even want from that piece of land. Stalking wavering off.

So the whole ranch thing has taken a turn for the grim. Trying to be happy and positive re. we do have a house and may someday even have a roof for it if the nice son of a roof guy returns to build it. (Loving new rainy weather of Autumn!) All of our dogs are small and do fit nicely into the tiny yard and I am going to teach Gustavo his weave poles in our driveway somehow, some way. Come Novemer 1, we may not even have a legal beach to run the dogs on or the field but I am going on the thankful we do have a house that we can afford right now and leave it at that. The horses are happy up at the new ranch and right now life as a renter of ranches is working just fine, so going to just sit on that golden egg (knowing full well one day it will hatch back into the monster zombie that always lives in the golden egg and hatches to spew zombie puss and all that) -happy nice thoughts again, sorry-and everything is a-ok.

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Unknown said...

Hi Laura, I know our yards are all that big, but our landlord cleared out a section of brambles in the side yard so there's plenty of room there now to set up real weave poles. So if setting up in the side yard of our house would be any better than your driveway, you're welcome to come by any time to practice without even knocking on the door, and I promise that I will not allow you to give me lessons.