19 September 2007

You can strap the aquaman thing to the digger guy.

So it's not all that hard taking 4 dogs on a road trip. There is a lot of counting to 4 involved. A lot of leashes that get tangled up and have to be untangled. And more counting to 4. Counting to 4 and actually seeing 4 is crucial to not losing any dogs along the way.

It means not everyone gets to spend much time running around off of a leash, because it's just too hard to manage a pup that may or may not come back and a timmy that walks very, very slowly. A picnic turns into an adventure of typing up dogs to a picnic table and trying to eat sandwiches and untangle leashes from immobilizing the wrong dog to a picnic table leg.

Always make sure you pick the picnic table that doesn't have the homeless guy sleeping with a pitbull next to it. Although, at the park we found in San Luis Obispo, I have to say, there was only one homeless guy. SLO looks a lot like Santa Cruz, except with one homeless person instead of lots and lots of them. Same ladies with ipods strapped on, same guys with red racing hondas and saggy pants, same young girls working in delis. We weren't there very long, long enough for lunch, so maybe that's a skewed impression. There was the same Peets Coffee and Urban Outfitters and all that stuff downtown but no umbrella guy and no street punks sitting on the curbs. Fewer tattoos and old vets walking their cats as far as I could tell.

The drive between Santa Cruz and LA used to be so fast, a quick little commute. Now it seems endless and full of traffic in weird places and more and more Best Buys and Home Depots in places that used to have absolutely nothing there. The whole 300 miles seems to be turning into one giant Torrance. It takes a long, long time and makes me too cranky to take any pictures.

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