30 July 2007

Tanklike dog physique.

They are all sort of blurs, there is a lot of running of little black dogs everywhere. Except Timmy. No matter how crazy it gets, he can just lay motionless in the thick of it, getting jumped over and run around. I am having to sneak out the other three without him hearing to do harder walks-since Gustavo came, he seems to have super sharp hearing and can tell when there are extra walk times happening and he wants to go! But some of the Team is getting fat. Namely me and Otterpop. So there is more running in our days now, when we have time. We go up to Pogonip and run and walk on the trails. We stay out of homeless camps and encounter gandalf like people with long staffs just as much as other walkers and runners.

The problem then being the sweating then the finding of a place to take a shower. Boy oh boy have I been grateful lately to be a homeowning, job holding person and not homeless, jobless and car living. Just the daily project of going to the bathroom and trying to stay clean already is a monumental task.

Our dog show season starts in less than a month. We need to not only be clean but fit, flabless and in shape in general and I am not sure what happened to that this summer. Somehow moving barns and being happy translated to eat all the time and don't exercise. Not sure how. I know I have stopped letting Otterpop have her frisbee except at agility, and that may be the cause of her new tank-like physique. Mine is likely the pizza and quesadillas and not being a miserable, whining bitch all the time because I hate my barn so much. Now I can complain about the fat.

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