29 July 2007

First you go through the Tire, then maybe win a Car.

I will write this, I guess in an effort to prove what a dork I truly am. I'm not sure why I should actually be proving this to you. But I guess it just goes along with the Team Small Dog theme. Of making dog agility the new black. Proving that something that is so niche and fringe but in a severely uncool way, can turn around. And be so fabulous and exhibit that I am actually just Ahead of the Times, and not a deranged MFA holding outsider artist who has thrown it all away to join the dog world. This hope that I still hold out for myself and for dog agility.

I had a dream last night that I had to organize a huge, network tv game show of terriers against border collies. With both real terriers and border collies, and teams of humans that had to do little sequeneces of things that were very Breed Characteristic in order to win the prize. The host was an old K-12 friend of mine that is now a host on one of those house makeover shows, where they build a whole new house for a deserving family. He has the greatest white veneer teeth. There was agility equipment. I think I was like a marketing/PR person/dog wrangler trying to make this palatable to a network tv audience and keep the dogs in order. I think the rules were very USDAA and somewhat long and complex. The director was freaking out that we couldn't get anything right, then we finally decided the whole thing needed to be analog, not digital and go live tv.

When I woke up, I had a whole new idea then and there about where the rv toilet goes today in preparation for no toilet week starting tomorow. And then the real dogs were just running apeshit around the house. Gustavo has upped his roughness quotient to fit in. It gets a little hairy sometimes, and then difuses. He is one tough little cowboy of a dog and takes no guff from anyone else. There are ripped up stuffed animals everywhere these days. He truly is one of the family now.

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