01 August 2007

It's a big hole.

Here is how we don't go to the bathroom. It's like camping! Now I get it. Because whenever I said we were remodeling our bathroom, people would say that. "It's like Camping". It's like camping if you are basing your whole campout on when or where you could use the bathroom next. Luckily we have a construction site next door that has a working shower downstairs, and a working toilet upstairs. People are around and it in during the day, but at night and early morning we have it to ourselves.

How it became a construction site and not the neighbor's house is a long story. The near end of the long story is that when the neighbor was about to be released from rehab after she got out of jail, the horrible evil squatter boyfriend, upon her release and his official eviction (which was a months long process during which he was turning the house into even more of a crackhouse and a lot of this is the long story part) turned on the upstairs water in the tub and left. No one was home all day, he did it after I left for work. When they showed up so she could see her house again after all that time, surprise. The whole home was flooded with 2 feet of water. So it's ripped down to the studs and subfloor. At least her bathroom has some working plumbing and subfloors though. So it's a horrible story allright, but the upsides are the loser boyfriend is gone with warrants out for his arrest and we have a bathroom to use parts of the day.

The dogs take this all in stride. Timmy doesn't mind spending the day with the plumber or whichever Guy is coming over to do things. The other dogs I just get out and leave with. The other dogs enjoy trips to Home Depot or specialty plumbing stores and trips to places to go to the bathroom. Work days are actually perfectly fine because we have a porta potty right there. I am so sorry how pathetic this tale has gotten. We have dog agility tonight, although I am teaching more than running while the advanced teacher is out doing seminars in Australia. So that isn't so fun. I will try to sneak in some runs with my dogs though and get Gustavo out and doing some training there in the distractions. In no distraction he has a smoking recall, sit, down, wait, hand touch and run into the crate. But we haven't proofed it anywhere other than the beach and park the easy sits and downs. He does better and better every day, which is fun to see.

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