03 June 2007

We did not win, in the realm of the Godless.

First of all. We did not win the million dollar house lottery. This is a list of who won. I know some of them, and none of them include me. Even on the early bird prizes or smaller prizes. One of the winners is the head honcho of the people that brought the suit against dogs in Lighthouse Field and the Beach that has screwed up dog access for us forever. That just made it worse.

I'm not really sure why I thought I was winning this. I just thought I was. I think that might be positive thinking laws of attraction secret. There you go. Proof now that it is a lot of hoo ha. Or Maybe because even though I was having the Secret thinking at the same time I was making fun of it and deattracted the million dollar house lottery. So there goes that plan for the ranch. I am very disturbed over this one. Shaken even. I just thought I would win. I paid $150 for that lottery ticket. Ouch.

We also went to an ASCA dog show. Stands for australian shepherd but it's for anyone shelling out the $11 per run. In Hollister, which is almost exactly one hour from my house. Close! Not too hot. I wore essentially yesterday's crazy person outfit but it doesn't look so crazy at dog agility. Ruby had one insane standard run with a crazy fast time and 3 missed contacts-just flew off that teeter, the other 2 were close but no cigar. Her next standard was stunning and she won and Q'ed with 10 pts which I am not sure what that means since I am not ever registered in ASCA, it's our just for fun thing. Then she had a jumpers (I ran her in Elite everthing) which was great-fast but controlled and really clean and nice, just some wide turns and I had this inkling maybe she is sore. She wasn't jumping in and out of the car like she normally does and just seemed sort of off-but not in a lameness way, just funny. Her next jumpers she just was slow off the start and slow into a tunnel which is a bad sign-used to be her lamenes signal. So I pulled her off the run and let her just sit. She didn't even want to come out of her crate later, which is weird. So I'm not sure what's up with her. I think she just gets sore and if she is going to do agility she may have to stay on meds. If she was a horse I wouldn't even question this. She is my cute little dog though.

Otterpop was the usual. Not super fast, not slow, just steady around the course. She got Q's in everything except one standard that I decided to school her in when she missed the pole entrance, instead of running back and redoing I just took her back thru and then back thru again, which is an E but keeps her happy and reschooled those poles to nice and fast and clean. She just tooled around, a couple of peeks to the ring crew guys but seemed pretty over it by her last run. She is getting faster every time, but isn't up to super fast speed yet. She ran in novice, which in ASCA is very easy, so it was good confidence building for her. It was a really small trial, very laid back, almost like a fun match, so a lot of hanging around and letting her be out of the crate and sitting ringside was a good thing for her.

The trial was at these people's house who have devoted their 5 acres to agility. They hold trials there, have done grass, and have an arena and mare motel that is used for dogs. Hate them. I guess if we had moved to Hollister we could have one too, but the being in Hollister part is not so great. They are smart people. Making their sport at least likely pay for itself off their field usage. Would sure like that 5 acres.

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