02 June 2007

I am not sure if this is the Law of Attraction?

This is possibly a negative thing. But I realized when I was walking the dogs just now, after work, that I look like a crazy person. At least I have my fake tooth in so I do not look like a disturbed pirate hillbilly. After looking through my box of photos from the 70's and 80's though, I realized that I have never, ever looked like a cool person in my life no matter how hard I try.

Case in Point:

Note the big white plastic sunglasses I am wearing. I got them recently at Target. Something made me think, these will make me look cool. For gods sake. They are big and white and have sparkles on the sides in fruit loop colors. They were like $6. I always buy $6 because I lose them so much. I haven't lost these yet and I have had them for 3 weeks at least. Because they are so ugly!

Hat. Brown. Baseball. A lot of time I wear a straw cowboy hat or a big floppy green hat with pink lining. It is cargo pant green. That doesn't make it cool. I have wrinkles though.

Hair. Bad. I had this idea based on Lexi's hair. To get it cut not normal like. So it has long bits and short bits and can look short or long depending on where the pony tail is. On Lexi, brilliant. On me, disturbed pirate hillbilly dog agility lady who cuts her own hair.

I am wearing red gortex running shoes. Let's leave it at that. So practical but hello. Hello! They are size 9 red gortex running shoes. And I wear them in public all the time.

Shorts and untanned legs. Sporty shorts from the Patagonia outlet. A whole other shade of red, probably with a very earthy name. Like Native American sand Red or something.

Black shirt. and earlier had a brown fleece jacket over it. Fleece for gods sake. Black tshirt that says UCSC equestrian team. I am their coach but the shirt frankly, was designed for the girls to wear to the horse show when they are not riding. Not for a coach to wear. The horse is blue and yellow (school colors). Not my colors. A black tshirt, hanes beefy T no less. Mens. Shows gut. No fit. No class.

This is the law of repellation, not attraction. Not only can I not attract Positive Things to me dressed like that, likely I am repelling all living things from me dressed like this. Guess who dresses like this? Dog agility ladies. I wouldn't even wear this to a dog show though. What somehow propelled me out of the house dressed like this is anyone's guess. I might have well left my tooth out or just carried it along with me tied to a ribbon or something.

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