04 June 2007

Goat enigma fish taxidermy.

Ruby's back was really sore last night. Was that it? I dunno. She is an enigma sometimes, that dog. I'm going to give her a little time off I guess, but she seemed so sound until mid afternoon yesterday, and was never limpy. She might be getting old and creaky like me. She is almost 7, then she'll have passed me in dog years. Timmy is getting towards 100 in dog years! He is doing great right now, he has had a big upswing in the last few weeks, which is a huge source of making me happy. I'll take the small things.

I had this dream the other night that every time I had to drive one stretch of road, my car became overcome by ghosts and I would be posessed, ala Linda Blair, for 5 minutes. It was getting really inconvenient and unpleasant to drive to and from work.

My summer project is going to be redo Ruby's contacts and try to get our bathroom redone.

Today I have to be a graphic designer and I can hardly wait. I love having a day off where I get to sit in front of the computer working on other people's stuff for meager amounts of money. But I do need the money, no matter how meager. And then if I am sitting at the computer I might as well work on my projects. Lately I have even wanting to start working in the actual art studio except that it has become the storage unit for Moderate Growt and the couch I moved from my parents when we thought they were moving. Now they have a bare spot in the living room and I have no studio space. It is like when the irony is so funny it makes you want to cry.

I might take a break from real estate. But I might not. It just is depressing me so horribly. I want to move so much but I don't want to move to a place that I don't really want just for the sake of moving. My realtor says just get an acre or two. I hate the thought of having some land but not enough to use it for what i really want. It's not so much of an investment in my future that way. Losing the house lottery has been the second money reality check in that last 3 weeks that is making me a little cranky. Hello secret, hello gratitude for owning a house at all and positive attitude and all that. That can be on graphic design list for today-get your head out of your ass.

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