29 June 2007

There are a lot of cows walking around on it.

Well, I know it sounded like a klingon sewer, but it is right on my way to work and I've started real estate stalking it. I have this problem. I fall in love with properties that we can't have. This one is so lovely, and so intriguing and So Not Gary, that I had to start stalking it. Why do I think it's a good idea to pay $875,000 for a mobile home?

I think it's a little bit of a fire sale. It belongs to a dairy farmer who sounds very cool and organic groovy and makes raw milk with his certified Jersey organic cows. They are all over the property. In what would of course be the stunning arena. He has been battling with the Santa Cruz County Planning Dept. for 11 years to move his cows from his leased land at Monterey Bay Academy in La Selva to his 12 acres in Watsonville. And even though it looked like he got it from what I found last spring, apparently not. And he has to move his cows by June 30. Tomorow. Hence the great price. And great property.

The mobile home seems very a-ok to me, it's in a shady tree grove.
(I just said, the mobile home seems a-ok to me. I am a sad, sad person.)

And so much room to put horses and dogs.
(And so much room to mow, dig ditches in and fight gophers on.)

One edge borders the mobile homes.
(Hey, a quarter of my property has a giant mobile home park built right up to it!)

It is fully crossed fence, and so flat.
(Just like in Nebraska where this same property would cost $25,000.)

The cows are all in what is already an arena!
(How do you de-cow a parcel?)

With apple trees inside it. So cool.
(So much work after you have gone horribly into debt to buy it and cannot afford to do the work!)

So not Gary. Outside his scope of commute and scope of where he wants to live. It is too real farm. I see it as the dog and horse fiesta extravaganza of space! Although it may have permit blight already, would still need a building permit for the barn, but it is legal for 22 horses. Who knows. Maybe he was too much of a hippie for the planning department. I am very, very frightened of ever doing business with them. There would always be the use permit question on this one, and it looks like it has been heavily examined for the dairy permits already, with poor results. You spend all your money fighting them then where do you put your cows? This happens with horses too sometimes, hence my land use paranoia.

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