29 June 2007

Speedy kleenex furry ball.

Yesterday, on the way out to running the dogs before work, I stopped off at at a property on Kliewer Lane. It's a paved country road off of Green Valley, right by my barn and at Dee's agility field. It is 12 acres with a "mobile home that needs some work". The property is awesome-all wood, crossed fence farmland with a huge arena now filled with cattle, grape orchard, olive tree orchard, fruit tree orchard and a pond. And actually, 2 mobile homes. One is like a home. One is like maybe filled with cats? And a burned up shed. I would live there in a second though. There's a big eucalyptus grove, and across the street is a giant strawberry farm for pesticide enjoyment. Although the methyl bromide is a gas and supposedly it always stays under the tarps. It could be a yarnpire except only legally 2 houses-1 new house, 1 1200sf unit and could probably get away with one of the mobile homes. So who gets the big house, the small house and who gets the mobile home? Also it is well outside of Gary's commuter zone. But so close to my barn!

I have weird street names issues, I still am not sure if we were actually really supposed to live here because of ths steet name. Walk. Not bad, but not good. Kliewer though. Like sewer but for klingons? Kind of like saying cleaver but you cannot speak because your mouth is gagged? It isn't a good name. So bad things could happen there. With all due respect. If that happens to be your name.

The field I run the dogs at is just a crow's fly stone's throw behind the eucalyptus grove from the 12 acres. It was hot even in the morning, but the dogs were good. I continued my science experiment of what makes OtterPop run fast. I had a little furry ball with me and no frisbee. And sure enough. If I played with her and got her all tugging and riled up, then put the ball down and ran with her, she cantered. Nicely. Not super slow but not fast. If I took that little furry ball with me, and carried it while she ran, nothing else different, she flew. Like a demon possessed by the need for speed. I am thinking I teach her a piece of kleenex is a fun toy and I could run with that in my pocket? Seems like cheating though. No treats, toys or training tools allowed in the ring. When is kleenex just a kleenex and when is it a tool?

Ruby doens't care. You show her a treat, tell her that's for after she goes fast, she is fast. Ruby lives for treats. She'll run for anyone that shows her a little piece of cheese. Unless she's sore. She has been pretty good, but at the end of our session, my legs were tired and she started knocking a few bars. Since both of our birthdays are coming up in a month, I chalk it up to we are both becoming sore and decrepit. I have lots of pain killers now though.

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