11 June 2007

Sat down to wait.

I guess I got sidetracked from vintage photo week a couple weeks ago after I found the cool box of stuff in my parents' garage in LA. Sidetracked by dog agility? Weird dog antics? The new barn? One of the ranches? God only knows. Let's revisit down memory lane for just a moment.

I'm afraid I may have been a weird kid.

I wore this necklace every day. It was my only jewelry, besides the phase of little koala bears you attach onto yourself.

The necklace though is this big fat medallion that is attached to a ball bearing chain. I am going to say I was likely the one that picked out the attractive chain. The back has a cheery poem that reads,

On the Plains of Hesitation Bleach
The Bones of countless Millions Who,
At the dawn of Victory Sat down to wait,
and Waiting, Died.

Um. I wore this religiously, all through elementary school. With or without the koala. When I found it in the box of photos, I still could recite the poem without looking. I also used to carry a Hot Wheels lunch box, which I knew was the wrong choice from Day One of bringing it to school, (correct lunch box choice would have been Barbie), but you know how that goes. You pick it out, you are carrying that lunch box every day until the end of the year. I think I also used to tell everyone that I was going to marry a horse. Thank god I made it through elementary school.

When I was likely looking like this. I'm going to say, 1972?

That's me and my sister and our dog Ruffle, eating up some snak pak pudding. With the dreaded red shoes. My mom made us wear corrective shoes, I think it was the thing back then instead of sunscreen, corrective shoes.

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