11 June 2007

House du Jour

We went up to the Mystery Spot house yesterday just cuz. Actually because Gary wanted to, and if he wants to actually go see a house, I am there. We like that area, even though it is in general, dark and creepy. Which it was. Also, it was a busy Mysery Spot day, which means we had to wait in a traffic jam on the tiny one lane road thru the forest til they found parking for the cars ahead of us.

The house was way up past that, and dead quiet. It was a very basic house, and the listing agent was my old landlord from sometime circa 1985 and she even remembered me. Which I am not sure is all that good, since it may have been a place we were not supposed to have a dog. She was extremely nice and friendly though so it was all water under the bridge, being 22 years ago. It had a sunny meadow patch, but for sure in the winter it would have been all day dark and creepy. It was nice and quiet though and very private. But way too dark and wet. There were lush wet ferns in the sun-not a good sign for most of the year up there.

Afterwards, we took the dogs for a walk in a nearby somewhat creepy forest park with hills,and Timmy could walk up all the hills! Also, here is a weird random fact. My neighbor, who is currently in jail, has a little white poodle. Her loser and insane boyfriend, responsible for jail and the neighborhood swat team day, is still in the house during the process to evict him. The little white poodle is at neighbor's elderly mother's house. For the last 3 days, he has had 3 little white poodles, none of them the one that actually lives there, in the yard, barking their heads off. Gary went over the other night to try and see what was happening (I need to stay away from the boyfriend because we have too many unpleasant encounters) and a new creepy guy came out because boyfriend was hiding and said he didn't know about any poodles. I'm going to go throw some cheese over the fence now to shut them up.

A client emailed me about a house going on the market soon, cheaper if I act quick before it goes on the market. A nice manufactured home-ie, mobile home with granite counters. With a roundpen and horse shed in the back on 2 acres, in sort of an agriculture ghetto neighborhood in Watsonville for $800,000. I am going to try and have a buddhist day and not complain and bitch non stop and desire what I do not have and try to enjoy my house and even pull some weeds from its yard today. And not think about the bargain $9600 per year in property taxes for a mobile home to buy some acreage in Santa Cruz.

Today's agility photo is a nice fast a-frame. I just sort of liked the photo. Ruby has a very fast a-frame, although a couple trials ago, Ruby of the slamming running a-frame contact started jumping the contact in her first class only. A new mystery to baffle me with.

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