13 June 2007

What I do before Work sometimes.

8:00am-Daniel, the potential bathroom remodeling guy shows up. Looks at bathroom. Does not run screaming, but does declare it a very expensive disaster zone. Listens to my many ideas, looks a little hungover, but I decide I like this guy. Tells me I need to call Jan the tile lady though. He likes dogs. He likes it that when a dog thinks about barking (Hi Otterpop!) I spray it with water.

8:15AM-Decide to push my luck with Daniel and show him the potential roof remodeling job that could also be Part of the Bathroom! if I am a lucky person and can refinance more money. Basically, like all the rest of them, runs screaming and mutters about anxiety attacks and I need a big, huge pro roofer to even look at that. But he would still be happy to remodel the baththroom and I must promise never to mention the roof remodeling project and bathroom in same sentence. The whole idea of a wall that could Join and Unite them so Easily is utter garbage and something I must erase from my dirty mind. Maybe it will cost $3000 for Daniel to do the work, maybe it will cost $6000 for Daniel to do the work. It is a fun mystery to think about!

8:30am-Am walking down the street with my dogs and a stabbing pain like a knife takes over a section of my back. Not sure if it is related to the roof issue, my knee going out in the spaghetti sauce aisle of Trader Joe's last night, or none of the above. Cannot walk for a couple minutes then limp home.

8:45am-Jan the tile lady has not returned calls yet. Two roofers have. Wifes or receptionists of roofers. One is a bitch and as I am trying to explain the neat project it Could be and the 5 roof lines and the rotting mushroom section of roof and all the multitude of electrical cords, etc that live in the rotting mushroom boards tells me without looking they will charge me $84/hr to slowly rip each section of board away and it will cost me more money than I can imagine. One is very friendly and will send Brett the roof guy over tomorow at 8am.

9am-Go to the bathroom place to look at Expensive things to go in a bathroom like tubs and faucets and toilets. Suzanne tries to be helpful but she is new and I try to be nice but I am a bitch and we figure out a bathroom in fixtures alone will be $6000. Ha! Also I can only sit sort of slumped over to the side because of the back thing, which by now I have taken 5 Ibuprofen tablets for and it is rendering my right arm sort of numb and hurts a lot.

9:30am-Go to my new attorney Ben's office. I like Ben the attorney. He explains things to me very, very slowly and I take notes. It will cost me $1200 to become an LLC! I am going to be a Limited Liability Company now called Laura Hartwick Training. Now when someone tries to sue me they can only sue LHT, LLC and not Laura Hartwick, regular person. Cool! And pay more taxes. I should not be joking about this, it will be a nice thing for me. I already pay buckets of money to the nice equine insurance guys so now I will pay some more buckets out to Ben to help me. Ben reminds me of the snowman on Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer.

10am-Now we can get to work finally and it is 90degrees today! The dogs are very, very hot and I cannot walk much and teach in the upper ring and drag a plastic chair up there and sit in the shade with a cool drink while the young girls try to turn their horses in the heat. Where is Jan the tile lady? Why don't the phones work any more at the ranch even though the nice Verizon lady said they would? Should I go to Home Depot on the way home? What about the $800,000 house in the ag ghetto? (I looked at this on the way home and actually it was very cute for a Mod-Yoo-Ler house with a cute little horse thing out back and neighbors right there but a nice view out to the orchards and fields that likely soon will be housing developments.

We didn't have agility tonite, thank god due to the stabbing knife issue of the back. The dogs just went on a nice walk on leashes, and Ruby and OtterPop got the nice equestrian style collars in the mail (you know, fancy pants leather like a bridle and a little brass name plate on the back so they can be easily identified and look like little ponies).

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pluckyfluff said...

have you checked with nano-bathroom-consultation? very trustworthy! excellent ideas! knows tile. knows how to handle bathroom construction A-holes. totally alpha-maled the giant angry, sweating steroid-popping contractor that did our bathroom.