01 June 2007

Mental Positive attitude psychology Mangement System.

Apparently, a thing I lack is the Positive Attitude and Mental Management System. Not only do i lack this in order to Win with the dogs, but also to buy a ranch and Succeed in Life.

Now, last year one of my friends loaned me a copy of the Secret, which had been going around and was the Secret to Succeeding in everything through having a positive attitude. Some may say that my attitude ranges from not so positive to somewhat bad. And sarcastic. And that sarcasm is the hovel of losers. And happiness is a choice for those that have the money. I hated the secret. Basically, it said that if you think really, really positive, so positive so that you aren't ever thinking negative, the good things will come and that you can even get a New Bike! if you want it. Or a million dollars. Or a ranch.

I tried that briefly. I'm not sure how briefly. A day? It was going to make my head explode. I just can't believe that whole thing about positive attraction and that the successful in life get ahead through that. Oprah believes it but she started believing it after she was Oprah and had her ranch and diamond covered kibbles and bits.

So then I was looking on the internet and some of the fancy dog ladies that WIN and are really good and on the world team, they have Mental Management Systems and you can buy the cds for $50 and listen to them and they teach you how to win. Could it really be my problem? I am a good dog handler. I am a good horse lady. I think that a ranch of my own would make me a better person and I would like to be a winner and I just need more Money and a better Positive Outlook and I would acheive it? Is it my mean little brain that is keeping me from succeeding? I love taxidermy too and doing projects and it seems like the positive attitude might not have enough room for all those things at the same time. But is it the bad attitude that kept me from getting enough money to have a ranch and win the big dog show and have an art show at a museum where everyone buys all my paintings for lots of money so I can buy a ranch? Oh geez. Instead of thinking maybe this System can help me, my bad attitude makes me think, I would buy the system if I can get it for under $5 on ebay and what a rip off crock system he has and what could I sell to make me some money like that. Bad attitude or Hi! I live in the world of reality.

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