21 May 2007

Your boyfriend says you got the Ghost Chair.

This weekend was somewhat busy, what with touring potential ranch land, glamorous VIP museum openings and dog shows.

Let's just say I love the ranch land (including historic barn which has been in the family for 6 generations and had old horse plough tack hanging in the rafters above the vintage caterpiller crawler and ferguson tractors) and that Gary doesn't and also we can't afford it.

Then Camille had her opening for her big huge museum art show. Besides being super fun, and getting to visit with her mom and cousin and Monique and Jer all of who I haven't seen in a couple years, it also made me remember why I got out of that whole artist thing. I am though, super, very proud of Camille who is a super famous artist now and makes a lot of money now selling her paintings and prints, even though her gallerist is kind of a pimp. Well, actually she is a pimp. So there's the 2 sides to it thing. But being at that opening, and the amount of shmoozing, made me remember it all. But what I relief that this time, I was there to just have fun and see the show and see Camille and not have to worry about it. I didn't even feel any pangs of "I wish I was a famous artist". I did feel pangs of "Camille's paintings are so much better than mine" but they are because I am not painting and am not practicing. So that's what I get for switching to animal training.

So I just say good job Camille. You are the best. You deserve to be a famous artist without shmoozing, and just painting!

Also, Camille and Jeremy are cashing out on their house in LA and buying one near Crescent City. In nowhere's ville. For the price of their house minus a lot. So they will have extra money left and can travel if they want and rent houses elsewhere. It really made me think about how insane is it to buy such an expensive 30 year mortgage at my age. What am I doing. And seeing old friends that made me realize that there are other things I should be doing right now too...Maybe had I worked the famous artist angle harder, I could have gotten to that place, but maybe not too and then how miserable would I have stayed.

Then it was dog show day again. As usual. I didn't go to the after party because I had to get up at 4:30 am, etc. etc. for the dog show. Ruby was the Big Huge Champion-one of her standard runs had the fastest time of all the dogs in her level-very few of who went clean! Except for her last run of the day, in the heat, where she just totally blew it off, ran out of the ring and back in at one point. Ok...a little scarey but I think she was just telling me she was done and was so good on those other runs, I should have left it at that.

Otterpop had 3 fast and perfect rounds! She loves to run inside, in the dirt, as does Ruby. She does not love outside, on the grass, which 80% of our shows are. So her 2 outside runs were the slow, lopey ones. But she was on fire indoors, and it gave me hope.

What they look like in the car. They spend a lot of hours in there.

This is our little tent set up at the dog show. Their travel crate goes in the xpen, and I put a shade cloth over it so Ottepop doesn't escape, and because they are very private dogs. They like to be hidden. And it makes it cool. I hate that damn tent thing I have to cart around and set up but you need it, it was in the 90's out there.

There's the tired champion dogs. That's what they do most of the day, I walk back there and tell one of them it's their turn and they snap right out of it and go running to the ring. Ruby, because she loves to run and knows there is chicken in it for her, Otterpop because there is a frisbee, and a piece of cheese in it for her.

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