18 May 2007

Graying rockabilly rockers.

There were several of them sitting together on the white plastic chairs. I had never really thought about what happens when the perfectly coifed and styled rockabilly people get old. There they were. They were probably in their 50's, which is how old Alejandro is. The guy was balding and a little pompadour combed over, but still perfectly dressed in skinny pants and snakeskin boots and a vintage cowboy dress up shirt. One of the girls had pig tails and cat eye glasses and blonde hair. And the other girl looked like a corpse. I think she was ill. She had a giant sun hat on, in the evening, covered in flowers, and yellow ringlets hanging down and a lot of powder and the bright red rockabilly lips and sat so quiet and still in a little 50's suit.

We saw this show at the UCSC arboretum. I didn't really know what this place was-it's a botanical garden at the campus, full of australian and new zealand trees and plants. It was totally gorgeous, and the show was just some plastic chairs out in front of a little deck on a little hillside. We rode a tractor pulled wagon up to it from the parking place, which was a eucalyptus grove off the road. We brought beer and burritos and just hung out while he played an unplugged set (at some points so unplugged they just brought their guitars up to the chairs and played without any kind of plug at all). Totally beats going to a show in a bar. The sun was setting behind the trees and it got cold and I brought a blanket and a jacket and it was done nice and early. Even the rockabilly people looked older than me, maybe I am deluded. But most of the people there were pretty gray.

There's this ranch now on Freedom Blvd. I've seen it a couple times. It's price is 999K. Too much. But now I'm obsessed.

That's the view down from the house of the old barn. It's an old red barn. The property is 10 acres with a forest, a couple meadows, a graded place ou put an arena, old barn, old horse stalls, cute un-updated grandma house high up on the hill, looking over to the ridge where the Devine's house is. there's an apple orchard on a slope, from the house to where it flattens out in the barn area. A creek runs behind where the barn is, so you access the property from the arena part on a bridge.

That's the property map. Freedom Blvd is the road along the upper right of the picture. The front piece is where the arena goes, you can see the house all seperate, way up on the hill. It's a long, long steep driveway up there. There are no neighbors anywhere that you can see, it's a hike thru the forest or down the hill. It's not dead quiet-Freedom is a busy, loud road, but it feels very private and remote, with these gorgeous views. But it's at least $200,000 higher than what we can spend.

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