03 May 2007

A lot of things to do.

Moving is harder than I ever think it will be. It's all been going well, and it looks super organized, but it's not organized to point where things run like clockwork which is how I like it. So most of the day I spend looking for something, and in that process lose the thing I was holding for whatever I was doing before I had to look for something. All my helpers and working students sort of make things more difficult. except for the few of them that I can give a job to do and they just do it all by themselves and perfectly. I am apparently not the kind of person that should be a supervisor. I am a control freak and too mean.

The new barn is beautiful and quiet and clean and a million times better, but not without it's share of issues. Which I have a feeling will work themselves out in a month of so, but in that month I will likely not sleep that well. Between Timmy and waking up in the night myself wondering how the kid will have time to get up to the pasture to pull the gray pony up and should I just have her ride a horse in the barn, I don't sleep. Like these are the pressing questions of the day. At least I am not waking up about the melting polar ball ice balls in 50 years but I probably will as soon as the barn settles down.

We had agility last night. I thought it would be a quick trip across Watsonville and I could get there so easily from the new place, but such is Wastonville traffic at 5:30. Heavy and a lot of lights. So I still get to class late. My students are doing better but I wish they were doing more better. My dogs were pretty good and I ran my instructor's big dog, but I wish I ran them better. Basically, I just want everything perfect and error free all the time. I think being post move makes this even more so.

This weekend we go up to Petaluma for a dog show. Nice quick drive. I have found that I can take the dogs to run down at Seascape on the way to the new barn, that is a plus. Not that it's a super quick trip but it is a place they can really run. If I can get up early enough. Being a commuter is a whole new thing demanding a whole new organization level as well.

Two of the girls that I had out to work yesterday had magic phones that do email in a tiny screen. I had no idea. I have heard of the blackberry but these were phones and apparently even I could do this. I gave a 10 year a ride out to the barn the other day and she spent the whole ride telling me about magic things I could make the ipod do that I had no idea. I have become a luddite even though I thought I was a big huge geek.

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