04 May 2007

we just finished move to a new ranch.

it is my goal to leave work earlyish on saturday so i could come to your house 6:30ish...we will see how that goes. we just finished move to a new ranch.

it is a million times nicer than the crappy one, but it is just insane moving a business with horses and employees and customers and tons of junk. i still feel like i am running around w my head cut off. it is like having an art show except some of the horses hate their stalls and some of the customers don't like the commute (it is 45 minutes from my house and the old barn was 20) and the ranch owners haven't finished the improvements so there is a construction site near the barn and regina let the dogs out so the dogs ran thru the arena and they are supposed to be locked in the tackroom and the moms have to learn how to help their kids get ginger out of the pasture and can i teach the cats to sleep in the feedroom so they get the large rats and jacinto doesn't work on wednesday and boone's bridle doesn't fit and where is my girth and so on and so forth every single second i am out there.

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