01 May 2007

Yes I know I look like a Witch.

Last night I had to go check drunk alcoholic neighbor because drunk drug addict neighbor came to get me at 11pm when I was asleep because she wouldn't talk to him. Someone had bashed in the door. I went over earlier when he came to get me and her lawyer friends/old clients were there and they were all talking about rehab. We'll see. I just never know who is lying and who is on what, it's very confusing. I made Gary come over with me last night because it was so late and he doesn't really get the scope of the situation. He was a little more freaked out and actually barricaded the house from inside and locked the back door. I think I have everyone's keys right now. I have checkbooks, drivers liscenses, keys. Anyways, we just left drunk alcholic neighbor, who seemed really drunk but not anything out of the ordinary or near death, barricaded in her own house and hopefully she can get out this morning and drunk drug addict neighbor has to just stay in the garage. That's all I can every figure out to do with him. He usually stays there for a while if I order him in there.

Now Ruby doesn't like to run next to my bike so I have Timmy in the back bike basket, Ruby in the front bike basket, and Otterpop running fast next to the bike. Usually with a frisbee in her mouth. I cannot take a picture of this because I am working too hard to balance and make sure all dogs are in the right spot. Lots of people like to point it out to me that I have lots of dogs! I look like a witch! I look like a Dorothy! I have lots of dogs!

The cats love the new ranch and have decided to live on top of the hay. The dogs don't like their dog run but that's all I can figure out right now. The horses love it ok, Jane is a little freaked out that she can't see out the door to all her neighbors all the time, but I moved her a bit yesterday and we'll see if the new spot makes her happier. The owner loves selling horses and is good at it and I can see why. I had her around much of the day talking up horses right and left. It will be useful once we get going because there is a plethora of horses around to put people on but right now it is overwhelming and frankly irritating. Just want to get to work out there. Which I will today.

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