11 May 2007

Civil disobedience with obedient dogs.

Last night was the big Friends of Lighthouse Field broohahha panel festival featuring Assemblyman John Laird, Santa Cruz Mayor Emily Reilly, State Parks Regional Superintendant Dave Vincent, State writer of Reports Lisa Foster, and Santa Cruz County Animal Control Head Honcho of Control Todd Stosuy. Besty Firebough, who has 2 aussies, one of which once chased baby otterpop out of the park when she wasn't looking, was the moderator of the panel and was sharp and did a good job.

This is too long of a subject to sum up here. We've been dealing with it since 2001, and it has involved lawsuits and is beyond coming up with good ideas or going to city council meetings to ask for help. I used to have a way back blog about it but that is long gone. Folf.org has a pretty good summnation of most of the goings on. It's all about loopholes and interpretation of the General Plan and SEQA.

But I guess come November we need to be ready to get ticketed or arrested for it. I am wondering though, what happens to our dogs if we are arrested? And how do those of us with multiple dogs figure out that ticket cost, I think on state lands, it's $120 per dog per ticket. I am worried civil disobedience will clean me out. Financially at the moment, from the move, life pretty much sucks. It's neat to look forward to the future and see it sucking even more.

Life is getting expensive. A pretty nice house with parcel came up on the market yesterday for 999k. Under a million. It's clear our price range is no longer that luxurious. And the car needs fixing, the credit card needs paying, the dog needs pills and blood work, it just goes on and on. Maybe time to work harder.

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