09 May 2007

He was guarding the seal and wearing a purse.

Driving the dogs to the beach at night, I see the lady who had the affair right after she got married, got pregnant and then divorced, with the baby and she looks pregnant again and commented on my short hair. She talks a lot and her baby never talks or smiles when I see him. On the beach, a Marine rescue guy was holding court at a beached sea lion and had stuff strapped over his shoulder and was handing out cards. He chased away any dogs that ran to the sea lion and wore his khaki pants unusually high up over his waist. A lot of people I don't know were down at the beach last night, it was so hot out and everyone brought their dog to the beach. Ladies I don't know walk by and comment on little dogs chasing a frisbee. I keep Timmy out of big dogs' way and where he can always hear me so he doesn't get confused.

At the new ranch, the have been getting asphalt grindings from Watsonville repaving and building out some roads with them. The owner worked for a big construction company for years, his dad for an even bigger one. It's essentially a mafia in that world and they get the asphalt trucked to them for possibly free. They own big tractors and compactors and the 2 of them plus their groom built a bunch of roads in 2 days. 3 guys, 2 big tractors, and 175 truckloads of crushed asphalt. It smells of road tar and is loud and they have giant hoses to water it down. They are big guys who started this work the day they graduated high school. The owner has hot rods and customized old trucks and a huge blue harley motorcycle that all live in their own building. His jack russells follow him sometimes, sometimes they stay locked in the tack room. His dad is old and drives around the golf cart most of the time, with a little chihuahua that rides along. The groom also shoes horses, rides, breaks and speaks perfect english. The other laborer there, Jacinto, gets up at 3am to clean stalls at all 3 ranches. His wife helps feed then babysits the owner's baby all day, and then they feed again in the evening. His 3 little boys translate for him, he has no words of english, nor does his wife. A lot of customers come and go there, most are blonde girls in their 20's with nice cars. Their horses' blankets stay on all day, even in the heat.

On the way out yesterday, I stopped at Seascape beach to run the dogs before they had to sit in their pen. A man came up behind me on the path, with sun proof hat and short shorts and a poodle strapped onto him, he was speed walking and hitched to his ipod and never looked my way. Our horse shoer brought his new baby to work with him. He's a french cowboy, with a 2 year old and an infant. His wife works hard too, and of their two jobs, horse shoeing seemed like the easiest to also do full time childcare with. Go figure. I had my working student, a sorority girl who loves to talk and check email on her phone, watch his daughter for part of the day. Later that day, a well coifed wrangler wearing customer of the ranch owner, came galloping by our seating area on his arab and ran up the steep hill to the dressage ring.

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