12 May 2007

Everybody on their own trips.

At the ranch, everybody just does their own thing and so far there are no crazy people. Likely, there will be some crazy people but we just haven't met them yet. Today, it was easy to just be out there and work and teach lessons and move the jumps around and the horses were good and the people weren't crazy. This is a good sign. At the old ranch, all that happened was that people were crazy and everything was hard and irritating. Here, it is just fine. It enabled me to come home and start packing up for the dog show of the weekend. In Elkgrove.

On the way home, I drove by a ranch. It was a 2 acre lot where they are building big houses with a fancy road near by. Just off Larkin Valley Road. It isn't on the market, my realtor is friends with the owner and they want to sell off the market. The house was a dump that's converted into a triplex and has a weird little unit on it. It appraised for 1.4 million. For a 2 acre field with some dumpy old houses.

I also looked at a 10 acre place with a weird 2 story house high up on a hill, just off of Freedom Blvd this week. It has an old barn and some funny buidlings and about 6 acres of redwood forsest. It's hard to tell just what's on that property. It is under one million dollars. By one thousand dollars. Still higher than we have the money for. The old barn is red and falling down, and the house looks like a colonial suburbia 2 story crossed with a redwood forest a-frame. A lot of the property is a hill but it was ingtriguing. A big bonus is the back of the property line touches the property line of the evil Santa stepdad old customer of ours. I am pretty sure he would not be a good neighbor. It would be a long walk through the forests to get to his house though. Directly across the ridge is the Devine Ranch, another old customer that built a 20 million dollar ranch on 80 stunning acres and the most beautiful barn ever in the world. Like I could live in one stall and be happy. Then a pipe burst under the expensive stonework somewhere in the giant tahoe lodge house beautiful house and they had to move and get all new expensive leather furniture. The house on the 10 acre place looks across the road at their ridge with their house. But at least this place has a ridge!

Here's our horse shoer Pierre. He is from France and brings his baby and his 2 year old horse shoeing. Super dad does not even begin to describe Pierre.

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