02 April 2007

If this is Monday then I am irritated

If you are hearing this voice mail on Monday morning and my car is still locked up behind the chain link gate, then you know when you see me I am going to be super freakishly irritated.

Top things heard while walking dogs lately are: Wow, your dogs look so fat. Are you the lady with the little black dogs? Wow do you have four dogs? That dog's frisbee is bigger than her! Repeat, rinse, repeat.

Are you sure this is the name your prescription is under? Would you mind jotting it down. How do you spell L-A-U-R-A? Hey how come I can't log into the computer? Did you try Sharon? Type the name Sharon. It is Sharon's name. Yes, Sharon. S-H-A-R-O-N. I can't get into the computer. Let me try. Wait, maybe I can get in. Did you spell it like that? Yes, it's Sharon's name. If you need to get into the pharmacy computer at Long's, I think that you only need to type in Sharon's name. But it might not let you in.

Then I had pancakes for lunch, a quesadilla for lunch after the sandwich lunch, then a Reeses peanut butter cups, then another quesadilla then some pizza! Yep, that was healty Sunday food for me. The dogs rode around in the back of Gary's car all weekend because of the whole car locked up behind the security gate issue. Also the cell phone does not work even with the new battery. When I said, Thirty bucks? What a ripoff! She said, Oh no, that is really a good deal. Usually they are $40. But the phone was so expensive, it seems like the battery should last longer. Oh no, they only last a year, then you get a new one. She was so young and so pregnant, calmly sitting there, clearly used to people like me.

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