03 April 2007

Dog eaten is more Like it.

When I appeared on What Not to Wear recently with guest star Jimmy McNulty, they had a really hard time getting a handle on what it was that I needed fashion wise. Something that looks chic and age appropriate, yet functional for moving large amounts of dogs places, running quickly with dogs in oily dirt, riding horses and doing horse related jobs that frequently involve blood, green and viscous saliva and dust. Stacey and Clinton's biggest concession seemed to be allowing the ballet flat over heels, while we all acknowledged that the heels did certainly lengthen my leg in the straight leg jeans. Although the straight leg jeans barely fit under my half chaps. The hair part was really hard too, since most hairstyles go bad under a helmet and sun hat and baseball hat which Carmondey did agree with to help keep my skin dewey and sun damage free.

Jimmy had a harder time I think because he was drunk the whole time and tried to get into it with Clinton, although they discovered that they had some mutual relatives in East Baltimore and left to go drinking. I liked JImmy in the argyle sweater, and they found him footwear that worked for undercover, harbor patrol and the office. i didn't think dressing him was all that bad. They didn't think that dresssing me was all that bad but I am now stuck with $5000 of clothes that are already all ripped up and ride up my ass.

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