06 April 2007

Orange Down Jacket

This lady makes me feel so tired and lazy. All I had time to do this morning was go off on the irritating guy who rides the sit down bike in sandals and a faded orange down jacket around the field was out of my life for a while. Today he came riding by, clean shaven and vague. He pulled up on his bike that is like a chair and asked, So where will you walk your dogs when you can't walk them here? I spit back that I've been trying to move off the goddamn westside for 2 years and I damn well hope I'll be off by then. He suggested the fenced dog run in Scotts Valley. I suggested that a fenced dog run 15 minutes up the freeway is not the same thing. I think I suggested rudely. He rode off quickly in his little brown sandals.

This was moments after I snapped at the flute playing guy in a navy ballcap and sweats who asked me if I was a professional. I am pretty sure he meant dog walker since I had 4 dogs on leashes. I have all sizes now, from burly chihuahua to fat greasy aussie. I think I had to snap at him due to the flute though.

The Pioneer Woman has time to bake and cook and wrangle cows and seems to have at least 4 or 5 kids. I can barely get to work at a plenty late hour in the morning, get stuff done, and return emails and then at home I fall asleep on the couch every night before 10pm and can't even finish one DVD of The Wire episodes. And basically I sit on a fence and yell at people all day to ride their horses better. Sit on some horses sometimes. It's not that rough.

Sometimes in my mind I am having this whole other life though while I'm having my normal one and maybe that is tiring. Right now I am a Hermes bag toting member of the Entourage and Ari calls me constantly but I am not making any deals with him then I have to be driven off to a dog show to handle my award winning, Animal Planet starring trick dogs who are extremely well behaved at all times and then win the dog show!

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