18 April 2007

Biting some dust.

The winds have been howling, high, high winds that don't stop and later in the day turn icey. I had thought it was spring which I interpret as summer therefore no jackets. It is possible I forget this every year, just block it out of my mind. I have had enough wind though. Makes the dust churn up and get in eyes and allergies start and I haven't had a voice in weeks. Kelsey said I sound sexy, most people think I sound scarey.

Another family has decided not to come on the move to the new barn. I see my program dwindling before my eyes. I kind of am of the mind I don't care at this point. Although part of me wants to believe I am so good, that people would follow me blindly to the ends of the earth no matter what. Even to Webb Road near the fairgrounds. But it just ain't so. I'll live, I'll get over it, and I'll get some new people. I can't always be the queen bee.

Timmy is doing a little better, a little more stable today. That makes me happier than anything else. The health of that dog trumps all other things.

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