17 April 2007

Sort of like 2 ranches for the price of two.

So the place on Cox road was interesting. It was a total of 4 acres. But the ad said 2.1 acres? Because the ad was offering the house at the top of the hill, the driveway, and the brushy slope on the side of the driveway. It was one Long driveway. All for the price of $998,000. The front yard, aka, 2ish acre meadow, was being offered for an additional 1 million dollars. It was a little bit of a secret and no one is sure if it's even legal to do that. It must have originally been split 30 or more years prior. So much for that ranch. All in all, I would have been buying one long driveway and a nice house at the top of it, and then waiting to see who built a house in my meadow.

Drove Matilda quickly to Atascadero and came home. Lot of driving for one weekend after our quick trip to Dixon. I got there, my dad unloaded my car, her loaded her up, and off they went. Hi mom and dad! My mom brought me 3 tiny little dog sweaters that are way too small for the dogs, who also would never wear a sweater, and a little china windmill plate from the Netherlands. And some candy which I ate on the way home. The dogs had a nice day of napping in the car. They are good that way.

I am addicted to listening to This American Life in the car. That is sort of the only way I can do these drives. I am out of fresh episodes though in my ipod. My ipod doesn't really work good in the car because it's broadcasting thru the radio, and it just sounds crappy a lot of the time. But that's the way it is.

Right now, my alcoholic neighbor is sleeping one off in our back bedroom. She showed up this morning after a night and morning of multiple cops and 911 calls which apparently put her in the drunk tank. She was bloody and wasted and I gave her coffee and toast and she's asleep now with her brother on his way over. She has a court date in 2 hours. I went over to her house to get some clothes from the boyfriend so I could put her in my shower and went up to their crack den. Not really a crack den but it looks like one. Smelled so bad. They are both terrible, although he was sober and groveling. There is a lot of broken glass on the floor. When I brought the clothes back, I noticed the bra I ended up with for her was padded and strapless. Probably not the right one for court. I also didn't end up with shoes.

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