20 April 2007

Trainer mutants bark at camera man.

Wednesday and Thursday are long days. Interspersed into them are nights where I still get up at 1am or so to let Timmy out and make sure he's ok. Agility night ends with putting away all the heavy stuff then driving home then getting up early to get to agility again in the morning before work. Work has been pretty easy this week since I am losing people just before we move to the new barn, so I've been trying to pack and get ready. Then I rush home Thursday to make yoga sushi beer, which can be very exhausting until the sushi beer part.

Last night it included sake. One of Tash's friends comes sometimes and she makes me feel so poor and stupid. She is wealthy and smart. I came home feeling poor and stupid and flopped onto the couch to sit with the dogs who make me feel happy and smart and beloved. The show that has the very fancy lesbian personal trainer who is building a mega monolith of money over calling people fat and shaming them into a million pushups was on. It is boring, and not really watchable for more than 5 minutes except that she has a tiny black mutant pair of chihuahuas that usually seem perfect. But last night when I had it on they were running around barking and she was yelling at them, and I think one of them was named Peaches. Maybe the sake made me hallucinate. I know I have a dog named Otterpop but why would you name a tiny black chihuahua Peaches?

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