28 March 2007

Talk to Me

One of the fun things I do because I like dogs is go speak at city council meetings so I can keep walking around with them-the dogs, not council members, in Lighthouse Field and Its Beach. It's a long, convuluted and dramatic story about why we won't be able to run around there after November 15 of this year. Really long, and don't even try to go there, a history of it I believe is posted on Friends of Lighthouse Field. But that's what I did last night. I always make up my speech in line so I can say something that no one else did. Last night's speech, which was on tv, was only ok, but it was different than the others. So over it. Just want to walk the dogs around on my ranch.

The new ranch, leased, not owned, is in Watsonville and the dogs have to stay in a crate or pen there. I am fully ok with this since it means getting out of the old ranch. May 1, we are in the new place. But it's not a good ranch for dogs.

I have Matilda, so 4 dogs right now. All sizes and shapes. They like having a 4th, it means there are 2 teams and they are more evenly matched. All barking is outlawed at my house when there are 4 of them. I become evil dog drill seargent. They are living the life of luxury right now, driving around in the giant blue Nissan Pathfinder rental SUV til I get my car back. They have to all sit in the back and not shed or leave evidence of their existence in there.

The thing that we are missing from saving the beach and dog field is a Jimmy McNulty. Someone needs to be skulking around the backrooms investigated the council and state muckety mucks that are in on the litigation bringing in dirt. The closest thing we have is maybe Joseph in his black leather chaps talking about shady backroom politics and war, kind of PETA or Middle East like. But he is no Jimmy McNulty. The only cop I know is the 21 year old Boardwalk Security guard from the mountains who is on her way to be a border patrol police in Texas. She would not be useful.

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