30 March 2007

Give it to Me

Different kinds of people like dog agility. In one class, there may be 2 junior high teachers. Teaching high school, jr. high and nursing seem to be popular careers. Retired is another popular career. I have a 30 year old Swiss potential horse trainer, 2 40ish jr. high teachers, a married university administrator, a 14 year old with a dog that wears a jacket, and a triathelete with a slow dog in one class. Those jr. high teachers are tough. They need empirical data as proof of everything. One of them, when I suggested she use a clicker to teach her dog to hit a target, gave me a smirk, asked someone for a clicker and clicked it at her clearly horrified dog who is afraid of the sound right by his head to prove to me it wouldn't work. Like a smirky 13 year old. I believe she comes from the land of obedience. That's sort of like the difference of dressage ladies to hunter jumper people.

Matilda is here, so I'm up to 4 dogs of all sizes now. She's a good dog, she's slowing down so she is on the Timmy team. It's way easier to have 4 dogs than 3 because they split up into even teams. The mutants are one evenly matched team and Matilda and Timmy are the other. They stay at home and sleep while the mutants go to work and either escape out of their pen and run amuck or sleep. They have all been enjoying their fancy brand new Pathfinder where I cram them all into the back section and they get muddy paw prints everywhere, but it goes back today.

Timmy has to have more blood tests, the $300 kind, today before he starts the toxic medicine that may improve his quality of life. No one really knows. I'm trying to do the right thing. How could I not pick the right thing for Timmy.

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