26 March 2007

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So then I didn't put it on the blog, and then it was too long from blogging, and I hate to be a blog cliche. But you know, a lot of things about me are cliches, so then what the heck.

Like my Nissan Pathfinder. Which is a rental this week since a girl hit my car when it was parked and now it's in the shop. So I am driving around in a Nissan Pathfinder which seems sort of cliche and not me.

Or the bitching I was doing at yesterday's dog show. Just like a good dog show lady! Because I didn't have time to get the dog out in time and was working too hard and blah blah blah. Just like the dog show ladies do! Do most dog show ladies listen to LCD Soundsystem and wear deer alien shirts and camoflage? Because my new look is sort of Ted Nugent style deer hunter. I am so over the sporty pants. I hung an old wood toy shotgun in the living room with the wood deer head and Gary almost tried veto power. Here is my new hero-this lady taxidermist.

The dogs were ok at the dog show yesterday. This time of year we just go, go, go to the dog shows. Ruby was off and on, she won all her classes but for one that she just melted down in. She was tired. They are out of shape. Otterpop was ok, slow but no freakouts and did her teeter totters. We love a dog named tater but not tater tot. We all need to get into better shape. Timmy being sick keeps us slower, but I don't like to leave him home.

Matilda comes to stay this week. So we'll be up to 4 dogs. In the Nissan Pathfinder. Blue. Dark blue. Clean. Large!

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