18 December 2006

Otterpop Eats the Xmas

So one damn dog who I left home to do the Christmas shopping ate another small vintage plastic xmas tree and also 2 holes in one of my best hats which has brown and yellow and gray stripes. Damn dog.

My motto for Christmas is get your head out of your ass!

We adopted a family at the barn that had nothing. Nothing. Day laborer, wife, 2 young boys. Some people gave them a little, some a lot but we sent a shitload of bags of gifts and gift cards for neccessities for them. That is a get your head out of your ass Christmas. The rest of the stuff is fluff.

I think that is going to be my new years motto too.

Timmy is kind of a pile of fluff but he perks up and runs around some. I have to just watch him. I am not going to let the pettiness of the rest of my life spoil however much good time he has left. That's a get your head out of your ass Christmas. Next time I whine about real estate, just tell me to get my head out of my ass.

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