12 December 2006


OK, we adopted a family for Christmas. Not everyone in the barn wanted to do this, for various reasons. It's a day laborer, his wife who doesn't work, their 6 and 9 year old boys. Some of the things on their wish list to have a merry xmas include dish soap and shampoo. I got them a bunch of stuff yesterday. Including the stars wars swords with sounds. And the walkie talkies. And sheets for beds. And batteries. Like they are not asking for the moon here. Why not everyone wants to participate in this is beyond me. Especially since our customers definitely have the income bracket to be able to buy a couple toys or bath towels. One super beloved client said he didn't want to do it because he did this once about 20 years ago and the family didn't thank them. OK.

It's raining, one of those days where the dogs are looking at me like, let's go. Only Timmy loves to go out in the rain, the other 2 range from not really loving it to one that melts when she touches water from the sky. Timmy's health is not so great right now. He is 13. He is likely cushinoid, has cataracts, a neurological thing in his back/hind end that mixes with arthritis to make him not so great at walking far any more or up hills. But he is my champ. He's been riding on the bike more, making the mutants run next to it. Sleeping a lot. He is fairly symptom free for the many things he may have. I just want him to be happy, I don't want to go to invasive medicine land just to give him more months if the cost is trips to the vet and a lot of shots. Poor buddy. I have a number of friends with similarly aged dogs that are kind of getting here right now. The mutants are great dogs, but they're not timmies. Timmy is one of those once in a lifetime dogs, I'm afraid.

I am getting ready to gear up to go to the mud hole. Actually, a big plus of the current place is the covered arena. Much as I hate it sometimes, it's pretty nice to be able to get the horses out in the rain. It's just a hard place to hang out at in this weather.

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