28 August 2006

What's New With You?

In order of excitement.

Dog agility related news. No major dog meltdowns at the big dog show. Many Q's for fast but not fast enough to win Ruby in the Masters Division. Otterpop was freakishly slow, not sure why. Teeter totter paranoia (note to self, good band name) or the crowds watching the rings but she is usually like a little meat chopping bullet out there and just wasn't that good. And had a teeter moment in her first Grand Prix and I pulled her out. I did much carrying of equipment. Much working of rings. Was basically a good, basic dog show, nothing bad happened which makes it good. I either win a class or win a lesson is what Susan Garrett (all bitch ass talk to no one where her little spandex outfits self at dog show) says.

I think one place I have happiness now is a good fast run with one of the dogs. Without errors, doing it as planned, and the dog is apeshit happy running. So that was Ruby at least. We both ran our little panties off in her Snookers. We couldn't get the extra point to get the Super Q (it's like the big fast high point super winner) but we were way up there and tried about as hard as we could. Happiness is a Fast Snooker.

Fun drunk neighbor drama. Always fun to feed the drunk sad neighbor sandwiches for breakfast in the kitchen and refuse her beer. But at least no police or paramedics involved! Scarey drug user on my front porch. I am getting good at ordering them off my porch.

Much fun barn drama. Wow, maybe someday I will stop checking my email at night so as not to have to stay up all night worrying about the devestation of my life. Happiness is a choice! Infinite Patience! Personal Growth! Bags under Eyes! The realization though, of if my business goes down the tubes, where do i put Jane and how do the unemployed buy ranches has been waking me up at about 3am now.

Where is the fun taxidermy talk? Super dog agility tips (keep your eyes on the damn dog!)? I think it's better to complain and whine in the blog than to random people who I scare with the wide eyed ranchless babble.

Laura the dog trainer in the horse trainer costume.

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