29 August 2006

For Them that Can Afford it

Happiness is a Choice for those that can afford it.

This morning I had the dogs down at the beach in the fog. Thick and wet fog, hardly anyone down at the beach. Me and the crazy guy. I haven't had to deal with many crazy guys there lately. In the past they have done things like kick the dogs, scream at the dogs, do a dance for the dogs, throw things at the dogs. This guy was just talking loudly to himself but his look was super extra creepy. He had huge fluffy hair and was a big dude and dressed more like a trucker than typical crazy guy which sort of made him scarier. I had to hand it to the dogs, I kept them distracted enough that they stayed away.

On Ranch Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous last night, there was a store called Kemo Sabe that sold all ranch items for the rich and famous like really fancy hats and super expensive giant belt buckles. And ready to go taxidermy! They had a giant moose head there for those that don't like to shoot their own moose. Gary thought this would be a good store for me to work at and I thought he was right. It has a lovely website and is in Aspen and Vail. Both nices places to have ranches if you can hire help. I think it would be too hard to do all the ranch work in the snow all by myself. Also we went to Aspen for like 5 minutes at the Hartwick Family reunion a few years back and I think it was more expensive than here for ranch purchasing.

There are barking dogs on my street today that are far louder than my dogs! And much yelling of neighbors "NO! NO!". Maybe there's a full moon. Hobo Joe said this is a bad month for astrology and full moons and to stay in bed as much as possible this coming month. Super!

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