25 August 2006

The Smallest Monkey in the World

Last night I ran the dogs, well, just Otterpop, in a Susan Garrett class. Otterpop was fantastic-fast and drivey and did everything I asked to do with gusto! She did all the running since Ruby walked up to the car when we were leaving work, limping. Of course there is a Grand Prix this weeekend. We'll just have to see. Susan Garrett is actually very irritating, but at the same time a fantastic instructor and she does know how to train dogs. And win. I liked the piece of advice to handle the dog, not the obstacles. And Believe, Connect, Execute with patience and succeed. I need all the mantras, success words affirmations, whatever now that I can find. Something has to start working.

At Wed.nite agility this week, Otterpop taught herself to climb up onto the 4' high deck like a monkey. It was weird. I am not sure how or why she invented that. It's sort of like when she tries to climb trees. She is the closest thing I may ever have to my own monkey.

I stayed up half the night worrying about the barn and just being stressed out. At least in my mind, I have goals that I am trying to reach. And being at Willowpond doesn't help them, except in the fact that I don't have to sell off the horses and get a job at Home Depot. I hope I can just enjoy being at a long, drawn out dog show this Sunday. And not deal with the barn.

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