20 August 2006

New Vistas and Communities

ok, this one looks cute right! it is also cheapest
in neighborhood...

ok-to decipher...

nice=piece of crap

meadow=small patch of non wooded area
surrounded by lovely redwoods-dark on most of
property even though we show you sunny photos!

great garden space=the only usable patch looks
huge in these photos but in reality you could put
in a nice vegetable garden. horses-ha!

sound of surf=close to the freeway! sounds of cars

small cabin=this is the rotting miners shack that
we would gladly pay you to demo except it is
sitting on a huge septic hole filled with sewage
and was the toxic meth lab most recently

ok, maybe i am just so bitter and over this but
this has been 2 years! 2 years! and i am off to
see another one this afternoon. cannot wait to see
what surprises await! (yesterday was the "horse
property" on freedom blvd with the teensy patch of
slope (rest was cliff) that sloped right onto
neighors house-maybe you could fence and stick one
pony there.)

i am the real estate tourettes.

I found a home on REALTOR.com(R). Take a look at

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