22 August 2006

Infinite Patience

"Welcome to hell" means it's time to start new mantras.

Things to enjoy include Little Miss Sunshine, the beach, peaches, the Shins and of course dogs.

The night that Ruby disappeared, the lady that spotted her running towards home seemed like a wise old lady. She had cat lady glasses and a hand knitted cap and a little wiry haired dog. She had treats in a little purse. I've never seen her before, and it's like she appeared out there to make me think about something. I am pretty sure if someone met me, they wouldn't say that about me. They might say, she has crazy look in her eye, baggy pants and seems to be obsessed with all kinds of horse real estate. Since yesterday, they may comment that my eyebrows seem to be professionally shaped. But probably not. Most people don't notice things like that. They do notice a manic look in my eye and this obsession to talk about these mythical ranches that just don't exist. I'm still not sure why.

I am trying to go with this whole business of having infinite patience to produce immediate results. Then when I googled that, a really nasty self help website came up. So that might me being not open to what the universe has. I am trying to be open to not getting kicked in the ass by the universe.

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