19 August 2006

Side of Bacon

Last night I had the dogs out in the field to walk. On our way to the path out, I stopped and was talking to my friend Bev. I made the mistake of ignoring the small dogs for a moment, and when I looked for them, ok, maybe 5 minutes, Ruby was gone. Otterpop was gone for a moment, but was right there but definitely no Ruby. Called her for a while, nothing. She is the good, trained dog most of the time.

Bev got worried and she helped me look for a while with her husband. I had a feeling Ruby just got into something and was eating it and would just come out, that is how she is if she gets something really good. No recall. So much for trained dog. I was pissed. I was going to leave her there. But Bev was so worried I kept searching. Which was wise, poor dog could get killed trying to get home from there crossing so many streets.

So at least 45 minutes later, long story short after much dog searching, a lady spots small dog running towards home. It's Ruby. She came to me when I called from far away. God knows what she was doing. I was so mad I couldn't see straight. I think that the dogs know I have been miserable and irritable from ranch non purchasing and ranch non leasing and they are affected by my dark, foul moods. At least I got my dog back. I was starting to wonder if I'd ever see her again.

Saw a bad ranch after work. Had to see a horse at my own ranch so neglected it was barely walking, ribs and bones sticking out everywhere. Just a bad day, another dark foul mood.

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