30 August 2006

Monkey Skull

When it got too depressing to talk about my day, at least I could tell Gary I found a home taxidermied monkey on ebay last night.

I think much ebay taxidermy is now happening for ebay. It's hard to find taxidermy that has been dusting away in attics anymore. Supposedly that's where the monkey was. I don't want taxidermy that people are sending their kids out to the woods to shoot so they can do quickie freeze dry and mount and post. I need it near rotten in the attic. Vintage. Almost to the dump. Preferably hand done by someone's grandpa or uncle with visible stitching. That's my kind of hunting. Estate safari. It's where I go when everything else gets too much. Onto ebay looking for estate sale taxidermy mounts.

Tonight is agility class. It's the little things to look forward to. Those little 60 second sessions of running fast. Just a few for a whole night's worth of work. I am going to teach my beginning class more Out work and some of the one jump stuff we learned at Susan Garrett. I'd like to become a better agility instructor. I see it going where I am with horses. A decent rider but better teacher. I guess that's where I am with most things.

There is so much barking at my house. Some days I am not totally sure where it got so bad. I am thinking Otterpop who didn't bark when she came but somehow induced this group dynamic of insanity that threw all the dogs over the top into a barking frenzy. But I do feel safer when the meth people come to the porch. Or neighbor issues and if they ever needed more money by breaking into my house. Thank god then for the barking frenzy. Hence why I am not motivated to do much changing of it.

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