31 August 2006

I am Ironman

Last night I ran Otterpop in the more stressful late class where Ruby usually runs. So Ruby got to enjoy a leisurely paced, low stress, low jumping evening of somewhat slacking which is fine for practicing and distance work. Otterpop was her bullet fast little meat grinder self, I sat her with stressful barking dogs, she did a lot of barking and frisbee attacking and speedy teeters and contacts and was fantastic. So I am not sure what her trial slowness is. I think part teeter paranoia from way back just not liking teeter at her first trial and part stress out there in the ring without her beloved frisbee. I am making a big deal about leaving it somewhere before she runs in practice somewhere so she knows where she can find it when she's done. Do you see the things I make big deals about now in life? That I would even take 5 minutes to write about where I am leaving a dirty little ragged frisbee.

Also I checked scores and of course Susan Garrett won the Grand Prix that Ruby came in 5th in. Goddamn her that Susan Garrett. In her little addidas sporty outfit, newly lost personal trainerized weight off that people comment on all the time. Her little stubby legs even beat Ashley and Luka who are sweet and deserve to win and humble. I hope Otterpop can learn to run with the big dogs at a show and somehow make it to their ranks. Ruby is almost there. We just have to be better. It's a goal. The ranch and fast winning dogs. Um, ok ending global warming and mideast peace too I guess but I think I have better chances at the more personal smaller ones, so I'll stay shallow and concentrate on those for now.

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