23 August 2006

Alison Parker

On Melrose Place, Alison Parker's life was marked by the fateful day she started work at D+D Advertising for Miranda. Or maybe the day she moved into the complex. Her future career of Lifetime movies and little skirts was marked by that day.

V. told me about making a timeline of all the events in her life and how things she hadn't thought about turned up there. And how maybe your life gets affected all the time and you sort of don't realize how much. So when you get to a place, ie, like here I am now, where things seem just really screwed up, you can go back and wonder how those turns and twists marked you up, put the kick me here sign on your ass, and you didn't even know.

So right now, I am probably losing my business that I worked so hard to build up for the last 6 years. I have horses that need a place to live that I can afford and drive to. I need to find a way to get money so I can still keep the ranch dream going-not going to work if I find real estate and have no job to make the huge payment (or have totally lost all my horse clients and have no future there). It just seems like such a cruel joke that keeps getting played on me. One week it's all here. The next week it's gone. The next week something comes up that might save it. The next week it's all gone again. Every time my ass gets more bruised and the kicks hit more body parts.

This is the melanoma on kissy's tail.

Hey on a happier note we have agility class tonight! And a class with the evil Susan Garrett tomorow night. And both dogs running in the Grand Prix on sunday. Beaches Peaches and Little Miss Sunshine.

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