04 September 2006

Run Fast

The dogs were great at this weekend's show. I disappointed myself by making enough small errors that we were consistent 5 faulters. Except for the final round of the steeplechase. We were ranked 5th, which is huge for me in such big competition. I pushed her too hard out of the last set of weave poles, she had been so good i didn't want to go back and fix them which you should do in the steeplechase because the final round is all about fast and finishing. But i didn't want ruby to think she made an error, especially when the poles are her hardest thing and i think what made her sore before. so i just finished the run, i got frazzled because of figuring all that out at top speed and actually missed a couple jumps and got an E.

I wish someday I won't do things like this and I will have flawless and winning runs. I worry I may never get there. But I hope I just need practice. I am self concious at dog shows that I am the only one in Masters who does things like this. I just want to be well respected for some reason. Not sure why I should care but I do. I think that is a personality flaw of ego.

Otterpop was pretty good, I ran her in easy things. She had one judge moment, ran and barked but then ran back and finished quickly. I didn't run her in anything with a teeter tottter because of her show ring teeter phobia. I think she just needs time and practice. She is a very immature dog I think. We are going to go to a couple easy shows at the end of the year just for her.

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