25 July 2006

Wild Turkey

Last night we threw the team in the backseat of Gary's volvo. Some team members are not spazzes when sitting in a car, like Timmy. Some team members, like Otterpop, are used to being locked in a crate at all times in a car, in which case they sleep quietly, not loose on a back seat. Otterpop is like a little bundle of jumping, climbing megatrons and spends a car ride loose in the seat flying around back there, trying to get up front, on Timmy, on the floor. Ruby just stands on the center console, motionless, like a car mascot.

We took them to view a couple other ranch possibilities, which were not possibilities. Way up in the mountains, where the dogs are all huskies chained to trees and shepherds running out at the road and the folks meandering about on their properties just seem to be folk that may not want me as a neighbor. Also many, many dark, dank trees everywhere, which some people enjoy but freak me out. Way up in the land of the wild turkeys, that come swooping out of trees making weird sounds and running near the car. We did find one abandoned shell of a tree house, a big house but up in trees, with old tattered curtains still in the windows, like the ghost skeleton ship. It was wedged in the redwoods, on top of a landslide, the color of moss.

This is not where we would like the ranch! Maybe for Amy who needs constant sources of animal pelts and enjoys guns very much.

amy taxidermies many rats

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