27 July 2006

Fashion's Hottest Accessory

So Project Runway last night was designing matching outfits for the model and the dog. Tim Gunn presented the dogs ala New York Dogwalker, coming over the hill in Central Park like a vision, with 13 tiny dogs ranging from yorkie to corgie, proclaiming small dogs Fashion's Hottest Accessory!! Also this happened on my birthday! Happy Birthday to me, thank you Project Runway.

The hoodie girl got kicked off, that was a little sad. They kept the hippie bloomer girl on just for torture effect.

I celebrated my birthday watching the end of Fashion's Hottest Accessory episode after agility night and work. No one except Gary knew it was my birthday. My mom and dad did, and my sister, and Brody and Debbie actually. Ok they called and or sent gifts. But no one hired a mariachi band for my surprise party! Why? This is team small dog after all!

We are having a 50th birthday party for Gary on Sunday, but that doesn't count and all he does is complain. Note to self, when someone is throwing you a fun party one does not complain one is Very excited counting down the minutes to the party! Also it can be Ruby's birthday, I think she is 6 years old as of yesterday as well. I sang her happy birthday and she was very, very fast at dog agility. She would not have been a good design muse for the Fashion's Hottest Accessory episode.

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