24 July 2006


Well first off, we lost the ranch. Someone paid $200,000 over the asking price for it. The team is in mourning. This is how people buy houses here. We have not gotten the memo on how to do it right apparently.

Although they weren't sad enough to not win all their classes at the Dog Show on Sunday! It was a CPE show, which stands for Canine Performance Events. It is an easier venue than the USDAA aka, fancy pants hardcore agility that we try to win in. We like CPE very much because we sometimes win blue ribbons in many classes! It was freakishly hot out, the global warming heatwave also coincided with the Dog Show. But the dogs sat in their little crate in the shade with a little fan on them and jumped in little bath tubs every so often then ran around we all had a plenty good time. Otterpop did not bark at any judges, and Ruby did not freak out on any starts. Being not of hugely competitive spirit, I only entered the earlier classes which let me leave at the early time of 2ish in the afternoon. Lateish at a dog show means more like 7pm.

Also I did not wear my skort. But I am wearing it now. I am a little worried this may send me to hell but it could be a practical way to have skirts in dog agility? I am wearing it with a Black Flag tshirt. If that counts. I may be making a huge error. We'll see. Does it count if I am in mourning for the ranch, then I can wear a skort?

sitting in fan cooled team color crate in 100 degree heat!

What if there was a sporty assignment on Project Runway involving skorts? Maybe that would make them ok? It's not like I really want to wear skorts exactly but they seem like something that could be practical for dog agility and not be shorts? Like I have a weird perverse attraction to the skort that I don't yet understand. Like fleece? I have some fleece now. Does this have to do with being over 40 now?

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