20 July 2006

Real Estate is Neat!

So you may ask, how is that cool ranch coming? Are you going to buy it for the Team? That's gonna be swell.

Well, we got countered today by the estate of the seller. Being countered is kind of like being shot. Or maimed. Or stabbed.

They countered us at $200,000 over our nice, neat offer of the asking price. Yep, 200,000 clams. Smackeroos. Big ones. 200 K.

Isn't that a lot you might ask? Why yes, I would reply. Indeed it is.

But where else will the Team run around? Where are all the horses going to live? Wasn't this your dream house/ranch/field? You might ask.


Do you have 200,000 extra bones, dollars, pesos, euros, around?

Um, nope.

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